PPC Marketing Audit

Suffering from low click through rates? Can’t understand?why?more of your PPC traffic can’t turn into leads and customers? Unsure if you should pay an agency a high dollar amount to manage your account?

The?PPC audit is a low entry way?to determine if you need further help. Businesses that use the audit and learn of their shortcomings realize it’s actually cheaper to hire me rather than try to do it in house. The audit is for Adwords or Bing accounts. If nothing can’t be done, I’ll let you know and there’s no need to pay. If your campaign can be improved, I’ll also show you how.?The audit includes:

  • Identify your goals for the account
  • Identify wasted spend
  • How to structure your campaign
  • Ad copy and landing page design feedback
  • Bid management tactics that professionals use