Okay. Let’s talk about the number one reason why most businesses lose money with Facebook advertising. So in the last month I’m seeing more and more businesses start to advertise on Facebook. Um, uh, as they start to reopen again. And as I start to see more advertising on Facebook, I start to see the same mistakes over and over and over again. The number one reason why most businesses cannot make money on Facebook is that their creatives are really poor. They’re very mediocre. So for the sake of this conversation, let’s narrow this down to local businesses. Okay. So we’re gonna move we’re not going to talk about e-commerce. We’re just going to talk about, uh, local businesses. Just to keep it simple. When you look at a Facebook ad, it really consists of two elements. Number one, ad copy, and number two: creatives.

And what I mean by creatives is the use of images and or video. If I have to sit here and quantify the splits in terms of impact, I’d be willing to go so far as to say that it’s a 70/30 split, meaning 70% of the way to impact goes towards creatives. 30% of the way to importance goes to adcopy. Okay. I think it’s that important. And let me explain why. When you’re advertising on Facebook, what you’re trying to do as an advertiser, as you’re trying to engage in what we refer to as a pattern disrupt. Meaning when people are on Facebook, they’re scrolling through their feed, right? They’re scrolling through their feed. So you have to find a way to disrupt that behavior. The best way to stop them from scrolling and getting their attention for just a couple seconds, is good creatives.

All right? Because people look at the images or the video first, before they read your ad copy. Ad copy comes second. Ad copy is important, but creatives is more important in this particular context. So poor creatives is generally, and I see this all the time. If you’re using stock photos, if you’re using stock photos, you may as well just kiss your budget goodbye. 9 times out of 10, you’re just not gonna make any money off your advertising because there’s a certain psychology which I’ll explain in a bit. But there’s a certain psychology to advertising a local business on Facebook. So avoid stock photos, use authentic images and when I say authentic images, I mean, images of your office, your staff, yourself, depending on what you’re selling. Those types of things. Video. Absolutely. If you have the budgets, hire a video production company. A good video production company that understands marketing, not just graphics and creatives, a video production company that understands marketing, will more than pay for it itself when it comes to Facebook advertising.

Now you don’t necessarily have to pay thousands of dollars for a good video production company. We live in a day and age where cell phones are capable of 4k reservation and so much more. So you put a cell phone, with its a camera phone, in the hands of a business owner or business person who has a really good creative mind, you can do some really amazing things in advertising. But yeah, in a nutshell, creatives. If you’re going to advertise on Facebook, get really good creatives. Otherwise don’t advertise at all. Thanks.