The Art of The Lead

Lead Generation: It's Both An Art and A Science

November 25, 2006

LinkedIN executive makes a bad PR move with a blog comment.

Carsten Cumbrowski recently blogged about how he thought the new [formerly openBC] may end up thrashing in the European market. It was a decent […]
November 22, 2006

Meeting Maria Sipka

We have these wonderful opportunities coming our way and learn to achieve independence at such a young age. While our friends are out there still partying the night away, we are toiling and honing our crafts in the hopes of a better tomorrow. It's always awesome to surround ourselves with successful people but it's just a bit more sweet to know that we are similar not only in status but in age as well. It really makes a world of a difference.
November 14, 2006

Monday Marketing – Digg, effective homepages, cool SEO tool

Neil Patel of Pronet Advertising writes up the definitive beginners guide to It’s a pretty long post but half of it are screenshots of Digg’s […]