Facebook Targeting Options, Formulas, and Ad Formats


If you ever wanted to know about all of Facebook's targeting options, then here it is. Built in Google Sheets yumminess. I realize there are infographics that show what I built but I find them impractical because they're not text-based. Not to mention I like everything in one central area.

Along with the targeting options, I included common formulas and all of the ad formats available to you.

I'll gladly take any feedback in the comments section. I'll keep them in mind for future iterations of the dashboard. And as always, please share if you find this tool to be useful to you.

A Breakdown of All Facebook Targeting Categories

A big picture view of all of the main targeting options available to you.

All sub categories belonging to Demographics, Interests, and Behavior

All subcategories are listed for demographics, interests, and behavior.

Common Facebook Formulas

CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA are explained along with examples.

All Facebook Advertising Formats

Facebook has an overwhelming number of ad options available. I break them down in a separate sheet.
H. Dean
H. Dean
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  1. Sam says:

    Thanks Dean for sharing your spreadsheet I am not up to this yet but appreciate the time and effort and knowledge you have put into this!

  2. Thanks for doing the work to make this spreadsheet. It is very useful.

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