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fanbox Facebook releases a new widget called Fanbox. This can be found under your profile picture with a link that says “Add Fan Box To Your Site”. From the developers wiki, this “is a social widget that allows Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Facebook fans from their own website.?The Fan Box lets users:

  • See how many users are already fans, and see some of their friends who are
  • Read recent posts by from the Page
  • Become a fan with 1-click without needing to visit the Page

Much like the Twitter widget, this allows you to convert some of your website traffic into a larger fanbase for your page all the while creating a richer interaction with your visitors.

It should be noted that this widget is 200 pixels in width and over 500 pixels in height. So regardless of which page you want to integrate this into, be sure you have enough space to do so. This should fit well into most sidebars. In the future, I’d like to see other options for this widget such as the ability to have a horizontal version of this where the width is wider and the length is shorter.

This is just another reason why I encourage businesses to get on the Fanpage bandwagon. Facebook intends to really develop the Fanpage platform in the coming months so that it becomes a robust marketing platform for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Feel free to list any creative ways that you are using this new widget in your comments

H. Dean
H. Dean
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