Emerging Trend: Creating Facebook Fan Pages Devoted to Generic Things and Concepts

beach_fanpageOne of the emerging trends in Facebook media strategies is the concept of Fan Paging things and concepts. I’m recommending this Smart Social Media Strategy to clients more now. It makes for a greaty way of owning the entire vertical.? It makes for an effective strategy resulting in better brand awareness and positioning.

Forget creating a fan page of your business. Think bigger.

I see Fan Pages devoted to generic concepts like cuddling, hugging, and sandals. Hundreds of thousands of people are expressing themselves through better known concepts such as these than your teeny weeny unknown product.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people who are Fan Page squatting the way many do with domain squatting. Domain squatting is the concept of buying a domain and sitting on it with no intention of using it. It is used with the sole purpose of owning it and selling it later to a higher bidder. Except the real difference with Fan Page squatting is that “domain” is not entirely inactive. Fans are joining, posting and adding content to the page thus making it more valuable real estate.

Creating a Fan Page centered around a generic product or concept is a Smart Social Media Strategy that Sachi Studio is recommending to clients.

H. Dean
H. Dean
Owner and Google and Facebook Ads strategist for Sachi Studio. Currently accepting new clients. Contact me on how to improve your lead generation strategy.

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