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This is more out of sheer curiousity than it is anything else at the moment. But since I’m starting to use Twitter, I was calculated the number of people who follow me versus the number of people that I’m following on my Twitter. I’m currently following 48 people versus 57 people who are following me. This comes out to a ratio of 0.85.

There are number of assumptions and conclusions that we can come up with based on the ratio. I suppose if you have a large number of followers but a low number of following, say 150 to 50 (ratio of 3), then you are pretty selective in who you want to be in touch with.

Conversely, if you follow a higher number of people rather than being followed, then you may not be as important relative to those you follow as well. You could have 50 followers but you could be following 150 people which results in a ratio 0.33.

I suppose equilibrium is reached at or near 1.0

I knew those college math classes would help one day ??

What is your Followers to Following ratio? I welcome comments and further suppositions.

H. Dean
H. Dean
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  1. Hi Dean, I’m bummed I missed last week’s event in DC. I hardly ever check Facebook anymore: I have migrated over to Twitter!

    I think that it is good to follow as many people as you can on Twitter (meaning, I always reciprocate a follow.) It shows that you are interested in what other people have to say. But if people’s tweets aren’t interesting, I will stop following.

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