And What If A Drycleaner Did This. And Plumbers. And Others.

storage company abortion ad

Yes- it’s true that it is a storage company. What right do they have of bringing up such a hot topic, critics say.Honestly, they don’t. But the storage company doesn’t care about a conversation about abortion. They care about the conversation that apparently everyone is having about them now. Genius. Why? For starters;

  1. It’s great copy. I’m sure you’re thinking that any copy writer or marketing agency could have done this. Possible. But not many would have the gumption to actually suggest nor implement it.
  2. It’s controversial. If you ever want to get people talking, then don’t play it safe. The messages that get people talking the most are those that are controversial. It polarizes the community into two sides. There will be those who love it and those who hate it. This back and forth that will be played out in conversations and in the media will fuel word of mouth. Remember the law firm and their ad encouraging people to get a divorce? Same tactics.
  3. It is timely. The ad introduces timely topics that are on the minds of many. The ad taps into conversations that many of us are already having. Some of the storage company’s other ads include references to Paris Hilton and George Bush;
    • “Your closets scarier than Bush’s Agenda” Image
    • “Your closets so shallow it makes Paris look deep.”Image

If a boring ho-hum storage company can create this type of publicity, then surely a drycleaner, plumber, realtor, and other smaller businesses could do the same. But before we get trigger happy and decide to implement this, here are a few things to remember.

First, be prepared for the backlash. It’s easy to sit there and dream of the PR and sales that can come in, but not everyone has a thick skin to handle the criticism that will come in.

Second, remember to make sure that people are saying your company’s name when they are badmouthing you. Some of the news articles mentioning this controversy never mentioned their ad. Everyone can have their fifteen minutes of fame, but you’d rather be memorable for far longer than that.

H. Dean
H. Dean
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  1. Points well taken. I don’t care the advertising though, I would not use their company. It’s their right to have the advertisement as they are a private business. It is society’s right though to say, “It is sick.”

  2. CLEARLY this ad is targeted toward men. I mean they even say, “Her closet” – talking “about” the woman, TO the guy.

    I think most women find hanger jokes VERY tasteless. Even very Extreme Left liberal women, I bet.

    If they’re thinking that only a single guy would want to rent storage space, then hey, maybe they’ve got themselves a customer.

    Really though, the controversial “shock value” viewpoint can also be a little tacky. If you’re going for long-term, slow-buildup, respectable company, maybe it’s really not the way to go.

    A thought-provoking topic, to say the least! And no, I would bet that after I leave this page I will NOT remember the name of the storage company even if I read that ad seven times.

    Maybe they should try a catchy jingle instead! ??

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