Comparison of top blogging platforms– WordPress, Typepad, Movable Type, Blogger.

Every now and then, I always run into an online discussion where someone wants to know which is the best blogging platform. There always seems to be a vibrant discussion that ensues with no consensus. Some love Blogger by Google for it’s ease of use and it supposedly gets indexed quicker because Google owns it. Others love Movable Type because it caters to the enterprise market. And yet others love WordPress because it’s open source and has hundreds if not thousands of plugins to choose from to enhance your blog.

I thought it would be a solid idea to try and gather some of the top reviews that have been made in the past about these blogging platforms and post it here. These reviews are given by people I respect and I hope it will give you a better sense of what to look for. At the end of the day, you have to define your goals and expectations first. Once that is achieved, it becomes easier to pick the right blogging platform. Please comment below if you feel there are other reviews of major blogging platforms that I have missed and I will update them as needed.

Andy Wibbels has cheatsheets to helping people understand the structure to WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, and Typepad. You also want to check out his entry that compares the anatomy of all four of these popular blogging platforms. There are some related entries to this as well at the bottom of the post.

Mike Rundle of BusinessLogs gives a great review by pitting Movable Type vs WordPress .

Charline Li of Forrester, uses 54 different criteria of what makes for a good blogging platform. Note that you need to dish out nearly a $1000 dollars for the comprehensive report!

After using both for a year, Emily Robbins gives an indepth comparison of how WordPress and Typepad compare to each other. And I do mean indepth!

Darren Rowse doesn’t give a review but he does help you define your blogging goals before selecting a blogging platform. There is alot to think about when you read through it.

Sussanah Garder gives another comparison of blogging platforms. Make sure you check bookmark the comparison chart as well. It gives a good visual of six major platforms.

And finally, Sitepoint does the blog software smackdown by comparing three major blog software- Movable Type, WordPress, and Textpattern. It was written in 2005 so it’s a bit outdated considering blogging software changes frequently.

I hope this helps.

And by the way, WordPress is my favorite. Handsdown. ??

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H. Dean
H. Dean
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  1. Dana Theus says:

    Thanks. I found this off your LinkedIn answer to my question about blogging platforms. This was very helpful, though some of the most useful resources are already almost a year old. But still, it was very helpful in my research. Appreciate it.

  2. I have updated Movable Type vs. WordPress to reflect some of the new issues surrounding both platforms.

    That post was done this year and you might find it helpful.

  3. Strong article to get a comparison. I also think WordPress is a top-tool. For me it would be interesting to add some opensource blogs build on Microsoft.NET languages. I have found Subtext. Does anyone knows a strong blog-system build on .NET ?

    Best regards, Andreas

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  7. kopidunia says:

    Very nice collection of links comparing these platforms. Thanks.

  8. Tsais says:

    I’ve looked at a bunch of these comparisons now, and nobody seems to even mention Joomla…

    Is Joomla not up to date anymore, or too complex to qualify for this category?

  9. Dean says:

    Tsais- It’s not that Joomla isn’t up to date. Joomla is a great CMS but I wouldn’t use it solely for blogging purposes…which is the purpose of this post.


  10. Iman says:

    I personally use and WordPress for my online business. I love them.

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  13. vipuld says:

    This is very helpful in choosing the correct platform for blogging.

  14. Gaba says:

    WordPress is the best when it comes to SEO purposes but I somehow like typepad more.

  15. Joltivan says:

    Joomla is a great CMS but I wouldn’t use it solely for blogging purposes, I must say wordpress is awesome

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