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Neil Patel of Pronet Advertising writes up the definitive beginners guide to It’s a pretty long post but half of it are screenshots of Digg’s website to aid the reader in understanding various areas of the Digg. He talks about the origin of Digg, why it’s so popular, how to use it, and offers a few tips. You also want to check out the list of Digg resources that he offers at the bottom of the entry. If you’re a veteran, then it’s a waste of time for you, but probably makes for a good reminder on how to use Digg.

Nick Usborne offers 4 tips on how to write a more effective homepage webcopy. It sounds like simple stuff but the majority of people make the same mistake over and over again with their homepage webcopy. I especially liked the fourth tip- make your visitors feel comfortable and confident. It sounds alot like what I am preaching in my upcoming Website Content Development Guide. It’s another week or two from being finished. It can be found in the Resources section of my site within another week. The guide teaches website owners how to write and develop effective content that will make them look credible and trustworthy in front of their prospects.

In Jim Boykins’s blog entry, he rebrands and improves his “Cool SEO Tool” to “The Top 10 Analysis SEO Tool“. This is truly a cool tool. You simply input your site url and enter a keyword phrase you trying to rank for. Here are just a few things that the tool will show;

  • The top 10 sites in google for that phrase, compared to your site.
  • It will also show how those top 10 sites rank in Yahoo and MSN.
  • It will show the number of pages those sites have indexed in Yahoo
  • It will show the backlinks to the page that ranks in the top 10 (Yahoo)
  • It will show the total backlinks to that domain (Yahoo)

There is more. It’s a very effective tool if you want to get a feel of where your site ranks for certain keywords relative to the competition and it breaks it down to various factors as listed above.

H. Dean
H. Dean
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