google Advertising

Nerd-like performance marketing and optimization. But without the social awkwardness

You're MORE than just keywords

Your business is more than just the sum of the keywords most agencies bid on.

Bidding on keywords is no longer enough to succeed in an internet landscape dominated by paid search sharks.

To win over today's customers, you want an agency that can excel in lead conversion, not just lead generation.

We’re doing two things that many of today's Google advertising agencies aren't doing. This includes;

1 - High converting landing pages - Your homepage, about page, or a search optimized city page just won’t do the job anymore. Instead, we meticulously build high converting landing pages so you can attract more customers and at a lower cost.

2 - Funnel building and automation - Do you sell a high ticket product or service whereby the purchasing decision can take several months or longer? Then our funnel and automation system is the solution to stay in front of the prospect, maintain contact, and seal the deal when they’re ready.

And of course, we do all the usual “Google Adwords stuff” including:

  • A/B split testing
  • Creatives and adcopy
  • Monthly reporting
  • Keyword optimization
  • Google search and display ads

Adwords and Analytics Certified 

Mother Approved

I'm Dean Hua, a pay-per-click marketing consultant with 10 years of experience in digital marketing. The type of clients who hire me are:

  • Interested in a consultant with experience across the trifecta of paid media; Google Ads, Facebook, and Youtube. 
  • Asking for data driven performance with a high tech, but high touch level of personal service
  • Looking for a personal relationship with a consultant who has senior level paid search insight. Not junior level account managers with little marketing experience.

What My Clients Have To Say

Spoiler Alert: Only Good Things


"Dean is a top level online marketing expert who provided the fresh set of eyes I needed to revamp my campaigns. Too often we entrepreneurs can't see the forest for the trees. I've been in online marketing for several years and have yet to meet someone as thorough as Dean. I highly recommend Dean to anyone who wants better ROI!"


Dean gets the work done. He always delivers. He exemplifies high value with his expertise and well developed and thoughtful advice. Thanks, Dean, for being a true business partner..


While working on projects with Dean, it quickly became clear he was more than willing to go the extra mile even if you didn't ask him to do so. He's a good listener and takes action based on what is important. I won't hesitate to work with Dean again; highly recommended to those serious about their business growth.