Why Hire A Google Adwords Management Company

Having worked with business owners for well over 10 years, I've found that some don't have the patience to wait 6 months to see results. This is often the case with digital channels such as SEO or social media. You have immediate needs. Which is to get more customers. Right now. Not 3 months down the road. I believe a well-executed Google ads campaign is most empathetic to your immediate needs as a business owner.

Why Work With Me?

  • You prefer a personal 1 on 1 relationship with the actual strategist. You want to avoid dealing with multiple layers of managers which are often found in larger agencies or outsourcing companies. Instead, you deal with me and only me
  • You want someone with solid paid search experience. Not a junior level employee. I've managed over $1,000,000 in ad spend across multiple industries including SaaS, eCommerce, legal, real estate and more.
  • You want to avoid being locked into a long-term contract. I don't require lengthy 6-12 month contractual commitments. Instead, we work month to month.
  • I approach every campaign from an ROI perspective. My campaign and reporting are focused on key performance indicators such as Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Conversion, and Cost Per Acquisition. Not more likes, followers, or other fufu metrics.

PPC Management Services

  • Detailed Keyword Analysis
  • Continued A/B Testing
  • Ad copy writing
  • Monthly reports and call-in
  • Bid monitoring
  • Campaign tracking and ROI reporting
  • Landing-Page Design, Testing & Optimization

FAQs About Google Ads and PPC Marketing

This varies from business to business. In the legal industry, you could be looking at a minimum of several thousand dollars in ad spend per month to be successful. Whereas a realtor could get away with a thousand dollar ad spend. In addition to understanding your business, we would need to perform a keyword research report to give a better estimation of ad spend.

There are three costs;

  1. The intial setup fee. This Includes doing a keyword research report, strategizing, designing proper landing pages, setting up your PPC account, and writing ad copy.
  2. Monthly maintenance fee. This includes monthly monitoring, keyword bidding, reporting, data analysis, and phone calls
  3. Monthly ad spend. This is the money you spend on the advertising platform be that Adwords, Bing, or Facebook.

Are all of you just swindlers and greedy marketing folks?

Not quite. An effective PPC strategist optimizes and makes great decisions based on data. The more data we have, the better decisions we can make. When a client can only afford to spend $200/month, we are given a very small data sample that is spread across multiple keywords and ad groups. This creates guesswork that leads to bad marketing decisions. Having a larger ad spend gives us more flexibility in our optimization tactics. This ensures that we make decisions that will impact your bottom line in a positive way.

Do you require a long term contract

Unlike some agencies, I do not require a 3,6, or 12 month contractual commitment from you. Technically, you could opt out after the first month. With that said, I do tell all prospective clients that I'd like the client to commit to at least a 3 month campaign. I believe a successful lead generation is a process that requires commitment from both vendor and client. Ask me more about that when we talk and find out if we're a good fit

Dean gets the work done. He always delivers. He exemplifies high value with his expertise and well developed and thoughtful advice. Thanks, Dean, for being a true business partner..


"Dean is a top level online marketing expert who provided the fresh set of eyes I needed to revamp my campaigns. Too often we entrepreneurs can't see the forest for the trees. I've been in online marketing for several years and have yet to meet someone as thorough as Dean. I highly recommend Dean to anyone who wants better ROI!"